Margherita Batelli

Margherita Batelli is a creative director, fashion and costume historian, and communication expert. Having pursued studies in literature and philosophy, she further honed her skills by earning a master's degree at the esteemed Institute Marangoni. Her professional journey led her to contribute her talents to diverse companies in both Rome and Milan. Margherita then decided to return to live in Val d’Orcia, where she established her own studio specialising in communication and creative direction.

"Sartoria Toscana emerges from the heart of my valley, a symphony of art and land, weaving a narrative that echoes the essence of this place.
It encapsulates the spirit of festive Sundays, majestic gardens in which to get lost, and architectural marvels exuding both austerity and beauty.
Outlined against the scenic hills, the silhouette of a refined woman gazes into the distance.
Sartoria Toscana tells of this sober elegance: a wardrobe that has no time, comprising only the essentials for sartorial excellence.
Absolute white, reminiscent of my grandfather constantly attired in pristine hues, becomes a cherished memory. All the whites to come embody not just a discovery but also a sanctuary- a culmination and synthesis, a nest and uniform for traveling lightly."