Time that exceeds time

We believe in an eternal beauty that has its roots in the past but is capable of looking into the future.

Val d'Orcia, for many, is just a dot on the map, but for us, it represents the whole world: our roots and the lifestyle we want to live.
Experiencing the Val d'Orcia is like breathing in an ancient land floating on thermal waters where art and refinement coexist with simplicity and conviviality.

We grew up with the elegantly severe beauty of the Tuscan masters of the 500s, and their proud women are a daily inspiration for us.

Like the canvas before being painted, white is our starting and finishing point, a memory of a family history that becomes a talisman and a sign of recognition. Coming out of the canvases, we imagine them walking proudly among the rows of cypresses, light, stripped of constraints, and free.

Sartoria Toscana's wardrobe embraces the female body to give it space and value; we believe in a femininity that is not afraid to be shown but without the need for clamour; we prefer to leave a slight trace to the eye rather than amaze.

Sartoria Toscana has created around it a constellation of people who transform and work the material, artisans of excellence; in each garment there is the soul of whoever made it and whoever thought it up.

Sartoria Toscana grows an idea of a new humanism that puts people at the centre and not just the product. It is a wardrobe, a set table, a fragrant garden, a home surrounded by lush greenery; it encapsulates the well-being of feeling truly comfortable.

Sartoria Toscana unfolds a vision of a white world — one entered with the lightness of a sunny Sunday — a canvas where every woman can inscribe her unique identity.